Make decisions slowly, but do what you decide quickly

Isocrates, 436-338 B.C., ancient Greek rhetorician

Economic Studies

Our aim is to provide support to our clients during the investment decision-making process. We examine the feasibility of the investment bearing in mind the costs and the commercial viability, taking into account the current economic situation and our assessment of expected future development.

We analyze the firm’s ability to utilize further funds and alternative means of finance. We evaluate the consequences of financial decisions in terms of viability, taking into account all its obligations.

We undertake product-specific or service-specific market research, evaluating offer and demand of the market under research, as well as its trends and perspectives, with the aim to further the development of the company.

Our regional studies highlight opportunities in specific geographical areas and design and recommend financial policies which may function as tools for regional development.

We support firms and organizations through environmental studies which examine the benefits and consequences of investments related to the environment, as well as the policies which need to be adopted.

Our services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market services/product research
  • Regional studies
  • Environmental studies